Home Tours November 13, 2020

Tour with me: Get this view for $250K?!?

I had an appointment this past weekend (November 8th) to show a lovely home out in Newburgh, NY. It was a bit outdated since the last owner had it custom built and lived in it for many years. Sadly, the owner has passed away and it’s now an Estate Sale.

Although it was outdated, definitely a blast from the past, the previous owner took very good care of it. You can tell by looking at the home that they loved it and the view, was to die for! I really couldn’t believe that you could get this view for $250k. The rooms are spacious and bright and there was ample storage.

I have to say, if my own family would have seen this home while on our own home search earlier this year, we may have went for it ourselves!

Who ever does buy this one, will definitely build amazing memories there. For my clients however, they weren’t fond of the idea of updating the space as they prefer something a bit more move-in ready.

I am truly loving living and working upstate! Well, for me, everything north of the Bronx is considered upstate, as I am a city girl! You could never get properties like these back in my hometown or get this view for $250K!

Enjoy the tour and if you’re looking for assistance finding your own dream home or looking to sell and move on, feel free to contact me! I have a contact page for a reason!

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