Family Fun March 28, 2021

Getting Out: Our day at Space Farms: Zoo & Museum

We couldn’t resist this wonderful weather anymore. Being suck at home due to the winter weather AND COVID has been a nightmare so finally being able to get out, while social distancing of course, has been godsend!

It was near the mid 60’s today with mostly clear sky’s. We took a little drive (okay, maybe not so little as it took us about 40 minutes to get there but the drive was smooth and scenic) out to a place called Space Farms: Zoo & Museum in Wantage Township NJ. My husband actually suggested it but unfortunately couldn’t join us since he had to head in for work.

It wasn’t packed at all, lots of room to roam, and an ample amount of animals to view and learn about from their bulletin boards. It’s no Bronx Zoo but it gets the job done and made my son happy (as well as myself). He was teaching me so many things about the different animals, facts that I didn’t even know. We truly enjoyed ourselves.

Note: the animals couldn’t care less for the corn kernels, except the deer, they don’t care what you feed them – “just feed me” mentality. But most of them did love the cookies.The museum wasn’t amazing. It’s a pretty quick to walk through, although my son had mentioned somethings he learned from school about Native Americans, since they did have Native American artifacts there. Really, the trip is more for the animals than anything else there.

We didn’t try the food since we ate before we got there and it took us a little over an hour to check out all of the animals.

You can find out more from their website

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